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Thriving in the Gig Economy


  • PDF eBook: 227 pages
  • Author: Adam Sinicki
  • Published: 2019


Take an in-depth look into the gig economy to see how tech professionals and entrepreneurs can earn a living as freelancers and contractors. Build your own business. The pros and cons of the lifestyle and what to expect from it are discussed.

In this book, author Adam Sinicki explains the impact of the gig economy and the forces that led to it as it relates to technology and working online. You will understand how to make a living supplying tech skills on a “per gig” basis. Practical instructions, advice, and tips are provided on goal setting, lifestyle design, and selecting the types of work and contracts that further your goals and support the things you value as you transition from a 9-5 job.

What You’ll Learn


  • Know the types of work that a tech freelancer can offer: coding, SEO, web development, 3D modeling, and more
  • Find and manage clients
  • Negotiate pay and contracts
  • Stay productive without a manager
  • Discover useful tools, websites, and apps to build your business and ensure a steady income


Who This Book Is For

Entrepreneurs who are already a part of the gig economy and want to learn more about their options, tech professionals looking to transition to purely freelancing/contracting, companies interested in learning more about this change in the jobs market, technologists interested in exploring how the Internet is shaping the way people live and work, and professionals interested in lifestyle design or becoming “digital nomads”

  • PDF eBook: 227 pages
  • Author: Adam Sinicki
  • Published: 2019


From the book’s Introduction:

Fiverr: How to Make Money.  The Internet gives us the power to access the world’s information in an instant, to leverage incredibly powerful tools located across the world, and to collaborate as teams distributed remotely. We can create things that would previously have been impossible for a single person, and we can communicate our ideas with millions of people at a time. We are only just tapping into the full potential that all this offers—even as newer tools and innovations expand the possibilities even further.

The gig economy has emerged as a natural outcome of this change. With more freedom to work when and how we choose, more of us are now opting to forego conventional 9-5 jobs and to start deciding for ourselves how we want to shape our careers. Why spend hours every week commuting into an office, only to be given a fraction of the value you have provided to the client or customer? Why feel forced to choose just one career, or to let someone else decide on your working hours and wages? Why work on projects you have no interest in?

By offering services on a “per gig” basis, we free ourselves to select the kind of work that best serves our goals. We can use this to accelerate our careers and create a star-studded portfolio, or we can use it to design a lifestyle that lets us spend more time doing the things we love—with the people we love. And more exciting still, by doing this, we become pioneers of a brave new world.

Attractive for Professionals

If you are a tech professional, then you are uniquely equipped to do this utilizing a firm like Fiverr how to make money, and to enjoy all the benefits that the lifestyle has to offer. That said, anyone with a little entrepreneurial spirit and familiarity with digital tools will be able to make the gig economy work for them. Programmers, security specialists, web designers, video editors, Internet marketers, writers, editors,  photographers, musicians, coaches . . . all these professions are starting to find new ways of working online.

And while this book is particularly tailored to tech professionals, the same tips, rules, and ideas can be applied in any industry and reach any goal. Whether you choose to run a business full time providing services to clients on a case-by-case basis or choose to create a “side hustle,” there are amazing opportunities here for all. And this book will provide you with all the information, tips, tools, encouragement, and motivation to get out there and make it happen.

What You’ll Learn

You will learn not only how to find clients willing to pay for your services, create a business and file taxes, and use the most common tools to deliver work and get paid, but also how to stay focused and productive when working without a boss, transition to this new way of working without taking unnecessary risks, and develop yourself further and grow your personal brand. We will also explore how the gig economy is likely to change and develop with the introduction of newer technologies—and how you can prepare for those changes.

It is exceedingly likely that this type of work will become increasingly commonplace. Fewer and fewer people are now remaining in single jobs their entire lives, and many of us are becoming “digital polymaths” with multiple skills to offer. Internet speeds are getting faster, and tools are getting smarter. But by taking this leap early on, we can reap amazing benefits right now and
give ourselves important footholds in this emerging market—the “fourth industrial revolution.” Keep reading if you want to become an early adopter of this new and exciting way of life.

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