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Unique Real Estate Acquisitions



BBB: Helping you to invest in single and multi-family home cash-cows

Joint venturing will give you a quick start and hand-up on your way to financial independence and a  brighter future.

The Problem

 Why follow the crowd trying “flip” houses and make a profit. This is a one-time deal that you need to keep doing it over and over in a crowded market filled with other investors doing the same thing.

The secret to success in this market is not ‘buy and sell,” it’s more like “buy and hold.” By holding the properties, you would think that would involve renting to “tenants” with all the related problems. Not so. With my methods, this problem is all but eliminated and the “tenants” take care of any problems that might arise.

My methods and techniques will create a herd of  “Cash Cows” that will feed you for generations to come…..and that’s no “BS!”

Don’t be part of the “flock” who flips! Turkeys flock, Eagles are found one at a time. Be an eagle by moving up to where there is little to no competition.

How Can BBB Help You?

A Real Estate Acquisition Graduate Course

You can strike out on your own and spend a lot of time searching for the “right” business in which to get started. Trial and error methods can be quite costly and eat up a lot of valuable time.

Our solution gives you a viable option in getting you started. By joint venturing with BBB, you will be up and running in the most economical and shortest possible time.

What your joint venture partner will provide:

  • Simple training for you to be able to find and qualify properties to acquire.
  • Companies that will provide legal help and handle your closings.
  • The methods needed to grow the cash cow for future prosperity.
  • Limited life of the agreement.
  • Students for this course will need a minimum of about $300K to invest to started acquiring properties.

To find out more details, you will need to sign a Non-disclosure document.