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Referral Groups as a Home Based Business


Who Should Join?

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  • For small businesses, referral networking groups is the new paradigm and wave of the future. Now is your chance to join and grow your business.
  • Everyone who needs and wants to network with other business owners can greatly benefit from joining a networking referral group. And, today, with tools like Zoom it is not necessary to leave home to do so and can reduce your time involvement and is very cost-effective.
  • This new concept applies not only to brick and mortar firms but is especially appealing to the small home-based businesses who are looking for inexpensive ways to increase business and reduce expenses.


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  • Typically, referral groups are local in nature depending on the size and reach of your business. Many areas can support numerous chapters due to this local nature and which only allows one of a business category in any chapter. Or, you can build your business to cover a larger geographical area in which case you can have as many chapters as needed to do so.
  • You can network on a large scale from home using Zoom.
  • “BBB” has a modestly priced fee structure and less restrictive rules than the competition. This is possible as our organization is not overburdened with a high-salaried administration or bloated, fixed overhead costs of corporate offices and facilities.
  • The lower cost will enable a greater number of businesses to join each new chapter thereby realizing a cost-savings for you in order to generate new business among more members.
  • As a Chapter Leader and joint-venture partner of BBB, you pay no Chapter membership fees and best of all, you receive a portion of the fees paid by the other members of your chapter.

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