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Affiliate Link Examples: Recommended Business Resources

This page contains our recommended vendors that will help you in running your business. They are also examples of Affiliate Links whereby the companies pay you a small fee that does not increase the cost to the person who purchases goods or services from them. In this way it is a win-win situation for the vendor an whomever maintains the website to defray the cost of doing so.

Online School Software

If you want to teach any online courses, this is the best I’ve found. You can combine Zoom and YouTube videos to enhance your lessons. In my opinion, for the reasonable price they charge, this is one of the best programs you can buy. Our joint venture partners use this program for their projects.

Their support is outstanding. They will even come into your website backend to help you with any problems.

To see an example of a course site that I built using LearrnDash, go to AsianWellnessWithSui.com.

This software program is very easy to implement and use. It blends in very well with Woo-commerce, PayPal, Stripe, etc. and makes a nice package. I can’t recommend it any more highly.

LearnDash course content is structured using leading online learning principles to maximize your content delivery and increase completion rates.

Video Editing Software

Website: Wondershare Filmora

This is a company out of China that I can highly recommend if you are going to be doing YouTube videos. I have been using Cyberlink’s PowerDirector software for years, and about a year ago switched over to PowerDirector 365 because they seem to be phasing out ownership of the software and want you to do an annual subscription that is several times the cost of owning the software. I’ve switched over.

If you need it, PD 365 is an excellent, very powerful, and feature-laden software. It has a lot of bells and whistles that Filmora X doesn’t have. Filmora Pro probably has similar features and I’m going to test it out shortly. But for just YouTube videos and the like, to save some money, Filmora X is a better choice.

However, Filmora has some bells and whistles plus a free full featured plan that is hard to beat. When you take the class for YouTube marketing, you will learn some of the preparation secrets of doing your own video editing and why this is one of the best ways to go.

Elementor Page Builder

Website: Elementor

This is one of the best you can get. I’ve tried several others and wouldn’t change. It is very easy to used with a lot of bells and whistles. I’ve used the free version for a long time and it serves me well in the simple sites I do. Support is very good but you can get most all the help you need from either documentation on their site or YouTube videos. You can’t go wrong by using it.

Gigs and Services

Fiverr is a company that has many reasonable-costs and reliable services for most any business that is going to use online businesses such as YouTube, websites, selling your services (Gigs), etc.  Fiverr is a freelance service that can help you step up your game! Audio effects (voice-over, podcast editing, subtitles & captions, and more).

Check them out to see what they can do for your business and how they can use your talents or services to add to what they offer other clients.

Web Hosting

The next 3 companies are top-rated, highly recommended candidates to host your website when you elect to go this route independently rather than use the one that BBB provides with its programs.

You should check them all out for comparable pricing and services to match your needs. Personally, BBB uses Ionos as it has a long history of hosting its various websites. But times change and it is to your advantage to see what each offers before selecting one.


Ionos Web Hosting:  Click this link

This is the hosting service used by BBB since 2002. It use to be called 1 & 1 Webhosting. Be sure to check out all three companies as prices, services an offerings constantly change. Don’t feel locked-in with any of the various services as most of the companies will migrate your website for free or modest cost.

For most all of your graphic needs

Website: Canva

This is the only service for just about all your graphics artwork, signs, short video clips and many other features you will find useful and necessary to make your website, videos, etc. look professional. I wish I had known about them a long time ago. Their free service is more than adequate for people just starting off with online projects and YouTube videos.

Images, Videos, and Music

Website: Pond5Royalty-Free Stock Video at Pond5

For professional images, videos, and music that you can use on your YouTube or other videos, this is the go-to place to get them. With their items, you will never have problems with copyright claims. 

Also, you can not only buy the above items, you can put your collection on their site and make a few $$ selling them there.


Website: Shutterstock

Either one of these two suppliers are outstanding choices in what they offer. It’s good to have more than one source in the event that one of them doesn’t have what you are looking for.  It’s a toss-up who to choose first, but time will tell after you’ve tried them.

Also, you can not only buy the above items, you can put your collection on their site and make a few $ selling them there.

Camera & Video Suppliers

Website: Smallrig

This provider has supplied all the accessories for my Canon M50 camera. I feel it is one of the best little vendors for camera accessories for your DSLR, Gimbal, and Smartphones. Their products are reasonably priced and extremely well made.