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Joint Ventures For Success

Working together to build a business to create future independence for you.

Our Solutions

I know what it is to wonder where you next $ is going to come from. In today’s economy, either you make it or perish. Which is it going to be for you?

This offer is not a “Hand-out” but a “Hand-up” to restore your confidence and dignity and for me to know that my knowledge is not going to waste and forgotten.

With this website, I am doing just that and banking on all my past experience to team up with people who will take my knowledge and run with it.

This is the best way you can quickly start your business on a shoe-string using the least amount of your money and having professional help and guidance.

Money is important, but not the only thing. More important is that you also need to help others in need and show them the way.

Here’s a little video that tells the story about helping others:

We Want to Make a Difference for You!

What is a Joint Venture?

When it comes to a partnership or a joint venture, two terms are not interchangeable, especially in the business world. While the differences may seem tiny, in legal language these have quite an impact.

What Do We Provide?

  1.  The technical details, instruction and materials to support your business.
  2.  A supporting website for you to build on.
  3.  Follow-up support.
  4.  Limited life of the joint venture.

What Do You Provide?

  1. The wiliness and effort to learn to run your own business and to grow it.
  2.  Any and all costs to run a business as if you were the sole owner.
  3. Sharing of the profits the business generates for a limited period of time.
Getting Started

How Do You Get Started?

  1. Contact me via email at the link below or call to schedule a meeting.
  2. Next, we have a meeting to determine your skill level and aptitude for your choice of businesses. This can either be in person if you live near Venice, FL or via Zoom for an interview.
  3. We examine your documents you bring or send to the meeting.
  4. We discuss what’s involved and then you decide if you want to continue or not.
What Do You Need to Bring to the Meeting?

A list of the following documents or information:

  • Your full name and contact information.
  • Short description of present and past business background (if any) that you have.
  • Short reason why you think you would make a good business owner.
  • 3 business or personal references with full contact information.
  • Anything else you think we should know about you.