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About Us

Making innovation open to anyone, anywhere to start your home-based business

However, we are partial to disadvantaged people who are looking for a hand-up and not a hand-out!!

Our Leader

Shifu Bill

Business Manager, Photographer, Webmaster, Instructor, and Jack-of-all-Trades.

Born in 1937

Attended college at the University of Florida until 1961 graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Building Construction and working in the construction industry for a number of years eventually working up to where he became a General Contractor in Dade County, FL and a Real Estate Broker in California. He has been an entrepreneur credited with starting approx. 30 various businesses along the way.

He started studying martial arts back in 1970 and has worked with it on and off through the subsequent years. Around 2010, he encountered an oriental way of using a cane for personal protection. He then worked on developing it into Qigong based internal arts “Tai Zhang Dao” (the way of the cane) which was more suitable for people with limited abilities (like seniors) and practical for use in street encounters where there are no rules.

His inspiration for Eastern style of healing came from his partner Sui Huang who guided him down the path of self-healing making him want to learn more about it and how it could be a benefit to himself and other people. Since 2012, he has been studying, practicing, and researching Chinese Self-healing Qigong from the writings of the Chinese Taoist Priest masters and doctors in China.

Some of his current websites are:


Shifu Bill

Shifu Bill, Founder